GLOW HOLDINGS INC. A Publicly-Traded Diversified Holdings Company

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  • Core competency is in the area world-class Hotel Management Services, including Hotel & Resort Planning & Development, Hospitality Brand Licensing, and Hospitality Consulting in developing successful business models,raising project funding, service standards development, and branding, sales & marketing programs
  • Developing food and beverage products that are superior in quality and taste, winning consumer acceptance and repeat sales.
  • Glow’s Food & Beverage creative team’s passion is in creating food products that are superior in taste and quality, keeping in mind the nutritional concerns of consumers. When new culinary items or holistic food products are introduced, that creation becomes a GLOW Gold Standard.
  • The Millennial Generation is changing the face of consumer marketing. They not only represents the consumer market of the future but also transforming the way in which companies must market their products to be successful. GLOW intends to ride that wave of change and be in the forefront to invest and develop innovative products and technologies in demand