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Glow Holdings Inc.

Glow is a company of impeccable integrity, with a strong network of business and investment professionals on every continent.  We see the long vision, and understand the importance of timing.  (Speed for its own sake is just non-productive activity)

Glow understands the importance of working closely with companies to help them better understand the market, their competition, and unforeseen risks.  This core value is key to our success.  Either everybody wins, or nobody wins.


Yongsik, Peter, Kye


A native of Seoul, Korea, Mr. Kye moved to the USA in 1985.  After attending City University in New York, Peter embarked on a successful business career that includes enterprises around the world.  These diverse enterprises include food & beverage, manufacturing and distribution in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and China.   Peter has been a licensed business broker and M&A adviser since 2010.
“My vision is to leverage my experience living and working in the United States, combined with International sensibilities, to identify opportunities for  investors and companies looking to access global capital markets to launch or expand their businesses.”

R. J. Selfridge


With 40 years of food service, hospitality and related food manufacturing experience, Selfridge is well positioned to execute the vision of Glow Holdings.  Prior to joining Glow, Selfridge was Senior Adviser to the Chairman of Foodx Globe Company Ltd., a Japanese Holdings Company operating food service and other retail concepts in countries around the world.
“Glow is committed to helping companies to secure the necessary capital and support needed to take their enterprise to the next level.  Helping our partners achieve their goals will maximize Glow’s value for shareholders, employees, and our communities”.

John Marbett


John Marbett is a serial entrepreneur who has built and managed companies from inception to liquidity events across multiple business segments.  John has a degree in Economics from the University of Washington, but his business experience and acumen goes far beyond the numbers.
“I am thrilled to be working with a company that mirrors my own vision and values.  Supporting driven, passionate entrepreneurs, and having a hand in their success is incredibly rewarding”.


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