Our Vision

Glow Holdings Inc. is a publicly traded company committed maximizing value to our shareholders and communities around the world.

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The Glow Concept

Glow is constantly evaluating great companies, great people, and great ideas, looking for the right combination of these key ingredients to match up with investment and growth capital.  Whether it's launching the next great app or taking an existing company to the next level, our savvy business professionals are committed helping great ideas - and great companies - get over that next hurdle.

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Since 1993

Glow is a company of impeccable integrity, with a strong network of business and investment professionals on every continent.  We see the long vision, and understand the importance of timing.  (Speed for its own sake is just non-productive activity)

Glow understands the importance of working closely with companies to help them better understand the market, their competition, and unforeseen risks.  This core value is key to our success.  Either everybody wins, or nobody wins


Next Steps...

If you are ready to go to the next level, regardless of your company's current status, or if you are an investor looking to partner with a visionary, send us an email and tell us about yourself, your goals, and your long term vision.  Glow isn't a fit for every idea and investor, but we just might be a fit for you.