May 11, 2018, Seattle, Washington, USA ‐ a US based company, (GLOH) is pleased to announce that Randy James has accepted a seat on Glow’s Advisory Board, effective immediately.

Randy James brings a diverse background of skills and talents and deep technical experience to Glow Holdings. For the last 23 years Randy has been in the middle of the PC evolution and mobile device revolution. At both Microsoft and Zillow, Randy was a senior technical manager, managing large groups of test and development resources, locally and abroad. He personally helped shape working principles and ethics for both organizations. “Business development and angel investing are my current passions, participating in Zillow’s explosive growth introduced me to the diversity of passions at play in the startup world”, says James. “Being able to take those learnings to help new businesses achieve their own goals, to help enable them succeed and to see their ambitions blossom will be an honor and a privilege for me.”

“Glow Holdings is incredibly fortunate to have someone of Randy’s caliber and background join our team. His distinct skills, experience and enthusiasm bring an exciting new perspective to Glow”, says Glow CEO R. J. Selfridge. “I expect Randy will have significant impact on Glow’s mission”.

Glow Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holding company looking for potential acquisitions in various market segments, including, but not limited to, hospitality, technology, franchising, and mobile marketing and other business opportunities primarily related to introducing innovative products and services to the international market. Glow seeks acquisitions targets in these business segments that have highly profitable growth potential.


Sally Brown
Director of Marketing
Glow Holdings, Inc.